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How NUCCA helped a patient with chiari malformation

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Arnold Chiari malformation is considered a condition in which brain tissue, the cerebellar tonsils, extends beyond the foramen magnum (the hole at the base of your skull), into the spinal canal. There are four types of this malformation. The first type occurs as the skull and brain are growing. Type II is considered congenital, or present at birth.

A potential aggravation of symptoms related to this type of malformation may be due to traumatic injury, especially hyperflexion-hyperextension injury (whiplash) and repeated neck/head trauma. The hypothesized mechanism is the downward pull of a set of ligaments that attach to the spinal cord and dura from upper cervical vertebral displacement. This essentially creates a plug in the opening at the base of the skull. This may obstruct the natural flow and rhythm of cerebrospinal fluid and in some cases result in a variety of symptoms such as headaches, fatigue, dizziness, ringing in the ears, difficulty swallowing and impaired coordination. Interference in this critical location of the human anatomy can choke off full expression of health between the brain and body.

The following link is the website created by a patient who suffered from the symptoms of a traumatically exacerbated chiari malformation, who underwent NUCCA corrective care. If you are searching for answers to alternative treatments, please have a read of this inspiring journey and dedication to educate others.

How NUCCA Helped My Type I Chiari Malformation

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