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The nervous system controls and coordinates ALL functions of your body - every cell, tissue and organ is regulated by the central nervous system. If this system is not functioning properly, the body cannot perform optimally. In our current health care system most people wait until they have symptoms before they go to the doctor. Unfortunately, by the time symptoms present themselves, the problem has existed for some time. Therefore, judging your health by how you feel or your lack of symptoms is a poor measure of your body's state of health.

At the Miami Spine & Posture Clinic, we use a procedure developed by the National Upper Cervical Chiropractic Association (NUCCA). The purpose of the procedure is to restore balance to the entire spine through a series of small, gentle and precise adjustments to the upper neck. These adjustments work on the reflexive component of posture and are as gentle as having your pulse taken. These adjustments aim to restore the proper relationship between your brain and body, thereby optimizing the function of the central nervous system.

1. Careful Measurements

We take our time to get to know as much about you, your history and your current state to determine the appropriate plan of action. This includes an intake history questionnaire, investigation of possible complicating factors and a physical/neurological examination based on your unique presentation. At this time, we determine where your body is standing relative to gravity by evaluating your static posture and also by taking a video of your posture in motion.


2. Specific X-rays

In order to properly assess your spine and to rule out any potential complicating factors, we take digital radiographs of your head and neck. This allows us to calculate your exact misalignment (if any), based on biomechanical and mathematical norms.

Any findings from your x-rays, including your misalignment, are discussed, as well as how we will go about correcting it.


3. Gentle Corrections

The specific adjustment is determined from your x-ray measurements. A gentle, controlled contact on the first vertebra in the neck is designed to restore balance to the spine with no twisting or cracking involved. Patients lay on their side on the adjusting table. During the adjustment, patients feel a light pressure on the side of the neck, near their ear. Even though the primary focus is the neck, the effects of the adjustment influences the whole spine and all body systems.


4. Monitoring Your Alignment

levelDuring the course of your treatment, your office visits will begin with an assessment of your posture and the Doctor will determine if you are holding your alignment. The ultimate goal is for your body to be in alignment as long as possible and require as few adjustments to do this.

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